Hi there, and thank you for taking your time to visit my fabulous website! My name is Julia and as you have most likely guessed I am what you could call a pasta lover (or fanatic).

A little bit about myself: I am born and raised in Italy and in the beautiful region of Puglia to be precise, which most of my American friends recognise as the heel of Italy’s boot. Fifteen years ago, when I was eleven year old, my parents moved to the California, and I have lived there ever since.

Leaving Italy however, made my love for the country’s traditions and it’s cuisine even stronger. I have inherited both my mothers and grandmothers passion for cooking and food and with my (hopefully) eternal love I will keep doing so until I have become an old nonna in my rocking chair.

The reason that I have started this website did not only originate from my passion for cooking, but also the fact that there simply weren’t any good websites that actually substantively review pasta makers. Since making homemade pasta is becoming more popular in the United States I knew I could add value to everyone looking for advice on choosing a pasta maker. Thus with the help of my tech-savvy friend (yes, thank you Michael!) I created FabulousPasta with the hope of helping people choose the right pasta maker that fits their needs, and somewhere deep inside I just wanted to have my very own website.

I have written several extensive reviews about the most popular pasta makers that are available on the market, such as the comparison between the Marcato Atlas and the Cucinapro, and of course everyone’s favorite: the review of the electric Philips Pasta Maker.

Julia Rinella, the owner of FabulousPasta.com